How To Stop Dogs From Digging In Flower Pots

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Tall thorny or especially fragrant plants can be a great deterrent for dogs. Three ways of tackling this problem to save your petunias are the following.

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Or mix red pepper flakes with water and safely spray both the pots and the plants.

How to stop dogs from digging in flower pots. Protecting your plants with permanent barriers is likely to be an unappealing option to keep dogs out of garden areas. Bring the free ends of the ropes together and tie them into a knot to. Stink up the joint.

Additional Repellent Tips Some dog repellents for flower beds which are being sold commercially aim to ward off various animals from your garden and not just canines. You could use vinegar however on the pots themselves. Each year in early spring I prune several rose bushes.

Walk your dog at least twice a day and consider playing fetch with a tennis ball launcher to really get him tuckered out. Put something in the soil that will repel the dog. Spend time with your dog.

You can also try making her a special place to hide her. How to stop a dog from digging in flower beds Dogs that enjoy digging in flower beds are typically either your bored dogs or genetic diggers. Exercising your dog is not only a healthy habit but it also helps stop undesirable behaviors in dogs.

Cut a rope into thirds and tie each end into one of the holes in the pot. 9 ways to stop a dog from digging up plants Exercise your dog. To keep your dog in your yard.

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The smell of lemon or lime will deter a dog from approaching and overpower the aromas found in the plant. Drill three holes around the rim of a plastic pot. Put smooth stones or pieces of crumpled aluminum foil on top of the soil to discourage digging.

Just put some vinegar and water into a spray bottle and shake so it mixes well. Bury chicken wire at the base of the fence. You can also try buring a ballon just below the surface so when she goes to dig it will pop and scare herbut will stop her from digging.

There are also products on the market to stop dogs from going on lawns. Then spray the outside of the pot. A tired dog is all you really need to stop the digging.

How to keep dogs from eating potting soil To avoid this habit consider leaving some citrus fruit peels in your potted plant. Preventing Dogs From Getting in Your Flower Beds 1. Canines do not like things muy caliente.

Place the flowers into the pot through the holes in the wire cutting a larger hole with wire cutters if needed. There are many home remedies to stop dogs from digging up plants so try them first. Add more exercise to your pups daily routine.

Chili pepper is known to be a very effective dog repellent. He may also be bored which is why he is digging. Dogs are fast learners and hate poky stuff.

Chilli powder or chopped up chillies. Pet stores also sell repellents but please double check that they are safe for both cats and plants. Consider growing barrier plants.

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Let your dog socialize with other dogs. Fence in your flower beds. Make sure you change the orange peels regularly.

The chicken wire prevents squirrels from digging holes and ruining your potted flowers. Both because it is hard to build attractive barriers around flower beds that are actually dog proof and because it is a lot of work. You might also place fresh orange peels on the soil the citrus scent can act as a repellent.

In addition to exercising your dog it is important for you to spend some time with him. Place chain link fencing on the. Bury the bottom of the fence one to two feet below the surface.

Be sure to roll the sharp edges away from your yard. The capsicum in the pepper is very irritating to the area around the dogs nose and sprinkling this powder on soil in problem areas deters the dog from digging in or entering the area. Discourage your dog from digging in your garden by sprinkling equal parts crushed red pepper and powdered mustard around the perimeter.

This should send a message to your dog or other dogs in the area that he or she is not. Instead of mulching I cut the branches into 1-foot long sticks and surround my flower beds with the spiky twigs. Exercise your dog vigorously with walks or runs.

Place large rocks partially buried along the bottom of the fence line.

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