How Can I Turn My Relaxed Hair To Natural Hair

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So I must wait for my hair to grow before I cut it off. Some women with natural hair have told me that it is a lot more work to handle than their relaxed counterparts.

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So you have made the decision to go natural.

How can i turn my relaxed hair to natural hair. Comb the hair gently with a wide-tooth comb to avoid breaking it at the point where the relaxed hair meets the naturally textured hair. Every evening before bed thoroughly incorporate either coconut oil or olive oil into your hair and let is soak for 30 minutes to an hour. In order to go from relaxed to natural hair you have two options.

You start with a low hair cut and let your hair grow out. Over time you can cut the new growth and Voila. You should use a great moisturizer leave-in or rinse-out.

Do not use metal or hard plastic barrettes bobby pins or clips. You are going to just grow out your last touch-up and transition to being 100 percent naturalno more scalp burns and running from the rain for you. The Big Chop also known as BC is when you cut off all of your hair at once.

You cant turn natural you have to transition into it through braids or twists and just stop relaxing your hair i personally just cut off all my relaxed hair and grew my hair out with braids some people dont want that so either transition with braids or twists even weaves but it wont happen over night Re. Protect Previously Relaxed Hair I never relax my hair without my ends being protected from the relaxer. Growing up with curly hair was pretty hard for me.

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Its all about what is going to make you feel comfortable. There are two ways you can transition from relaxed to natural. Transitioning to natural hair Braids andor extensions you can have your hair braided until it grows to a length you are comfortable with cutting off the new growth and going with other natural hair styling options Sister-locksTM Sister-Locks can be started with one and one half inches of new growth at the scalp.

Hydrate hydrate hydrate Moisturized hair is a must all of the time but especially during a transition from relaxed to natural hair. 1 Big Chop or 2 Wear transition styles. Also she knows all these people that did it and it worked ive never seen them.

– Wash hair regularly The most important thing when it comes to transitioning to natural hair is keeping your scalp clean. As any girl whos been there knows the struggle of transitioning from relaxed to natural hair is realand taking the plunge can be scary. Pre-pooing is the process of moisturizing your hair before you shampoo.

This is How I Transformed My Damaged Relaxed Hair into Healthy Curls. I live in a small town with very few bi-racial kids. I tried to answer the most basic questions and even threw i.

There is nothing that you can buy and pour on your hair that will revert it to natural hair from relaxed hair. Remember the demarcation line where your natural and relaxed hair meet is extremely fragile so you want to always strengthen your hair as much as possible. To get a curly look with foam rollers at home wrap a one-inch section of conditioned damp hair around a rod at a time then sit under a hood dryer until hair is completely dry.

When your scalp is dirty it can inhibit new growth from coming in. Secure the hair with soft hair bands. No more relaxers no more heat piece of cake.

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I Want My Hair Turned Back To Natural. I used to always worry about fitting in. This is one of my most asked questions so I decided to make a video explaining HOW TO GO NATURAL.

The second way to transition is by wearing transition styles. If you are not willing to do the things listed above for your relaxed hair then your hair just may be healthier if it were natural. If you stop relaxing your hair your new growth will be all natural.

My cousin told me that if you pour beer on your hair it will turn natural. Transitioning or The Big Chop. The amount of time it takes to completely transition depends on the length of your relaxed hair how often you trim or cut off the relaxed hair and if there are any setbacks such as hair.

Apply a hair detangler while the hair is still wet. Wash every week or two weeks if you can. It sounds totally bogus to me but she insits that its true.

Her story is a reminder that your natural hair will be a journey not a destination and its never too late to start. You have natural hair. This will help replenish your hair with moisture and nutrients that will strengthen the demarcation line the part of the hair where the transition is occurring.

Having natural hair is not a pass to neglect the hair though. This strengthens your hair and helps prevent breakage. There is no right way or wrong way to start your journey.

Relaxing previously relaxed hair can cause the hair to be over-processed eventually leading. Which one you choose is entirely up to you.

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