How To Keep Natural Hair Moisturized And Shiny

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Moisture is essential in maintaining good hair health. Since water is the best source of moisture for natural hair a daily dose of it on your strands will help keep your hair supple and soft.

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At night time make it a habit to moisturize your hair.

How to keep natural hair moisturized and shiny. Each time you wash your hair is a good place to start. Weve found a few treats. Then cover your hair with a shower cap overnight.

Natural hair is largely defined as hair that has been unaltered by any straighteners relaxers or texturizers. Then apply a deep conditioner to your hair and allow it to penetrate for at least 15 minutes under a steam cap. The purpose of conditioning your hair is to add moisture to the hair shaft after the shampoo has stripped the hair and raised the cuticles.

Our natural texture and color can have an effect on how shiny our. These keys also work for relaxed hair too. The cuticle in naturally fine hair is more tightly closed hence why it is often resistant to hair dye.

This in turn helps to prevent frizz and allows for a better reflection of light and thus shine. To prevent your hair from losing its natural texture it is important to moisturize and condition your hair from time to time. To add moisturized strands can benefit you in how to get shiny natural hair.

It is characterized as being a wavy to a curly or coily texture which can be susceptible to dryness. Cantu Coconut Curling Cream defines and softens curls with a. When your strands are hydrated the hair cuticle is smoothed and soft.

Figuring out how to lock in hydration and protect my natural hair during the winter months can often be a bit frustrating. Those with textured hair are naturally prone to dryness it has to do with the curvy shape of each strand but chilly conditions zap my hairs moisture even more. It is worth acknowledging that the beauty industry promotes glossy shiny hair.

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If your hair is moisturized its not greasy. You can help replenish this loss by using a deep moisturizing shampoo and. Deep conditioning your hair weekly or biweekly at least is another great way to keep dry hair moisturized.

Thats why its important that those with this hair texture learn how to moisturize natural hair the right way. It is important to maintain curls properly by shampooing them and by conditioning and moisturizing them regularly. Just because your hair is greasy does not mean that your hair is moisturized.

The longer you go without moisturizing your natural hair the more difficult it will be to restore and keep moisture in your strands. Moisturizing your natural hair helps to get moisture into your hair strands keeping your hair hydrated and very easy to manage. Youll typically cleanse your hair first whether using a shampoo or just cowashing your hair with conditioner.

If you struggle with wintertime dryness the key to restoring hydration in both natural and processed hair is to make sure that its conditioned and oiled at all times. However the more often you moisturize your hair the more manageable and longer moisturized it will be. Mature and gray hair tends to be drier because of the natural aging process that slows down sebaceous gland activity.

Even though it has more water than any other ingredient your hair wont frizz as much because of the creamy consistency. As you can see here my hands in the. Youre probably tired of people telling you to add moisture to your hair but the reality is that without the proper moisture it wont be healthy and will not continue to grow.

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Put your hair into sections and massage your scalp gently with the natural hair gel. Hair conditioner is a hair care product that changes the texture and appearance of hair. Everyday exposure to pollution hair styling products and heat tools can decrease your hairs health and therefore its shine.

Advertisements for sheens and elixirs have somehow made shiny hair translate to healthy hairHowever as is the case with 4C hair this isnt always true. It has a moisturized and kinda shiny for luster to your hair that when you rub your hands in your hair you dont have grease all over your hands. The coconut oil penetrates the hair cuticles and keeps it from expanding excessively when wet.

It has a nice softness to your hair. If you over-condition fine grey or white hair it will become heavy and lank As well as a. To keep your natural hair healthy shiny and long you must master the art of moisturizing.

If youre trying to keep frizz at bay use a creamy water-based moisturizer instead. We asked the members of the BuzzFeed Community what they use to moisturize their natural hair and here are the life-giving results. Your natural hair needs water and it is a very vital ingredient for the growth and health of.

1 MOISTURIZE LIKE CRAZY. So thats why I wanted to share with you 5 secrets to combatting dry natural hair. You want to get a moisturizing conditioner with natural ingredients that will properly moisturize the hair.

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