How To Trim Ends Of Natural Hair

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This method requires you to twist your hair and cut where the ends begin to taper and thin out. A trim is half.

How To Trim Natural Hair Split Ends Yourself Natural Hair Styles Split Hair Long Healthy Hair

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Try using a detangling brush andor a wide tooth comb and following up with a fine tooth comb to smooth the hair.

How to trim ends of natural hair. Another method Kola has had. Finger detangling and steering clear of combs and brushes is common when you have natural hair though if you want to give yourself a trim with the best results you should make sure you thoroughly. Trim off the split ends that are sticking out of the twisted section.

All you need to do is clip some hair from the end of medium to small twists or braids. Hold the hair into a straighter form and create a straighter panel with an ionic blow dryer. In this post youll find out when why and how you should trim your natural hair.

In addition to shears and separating clips youll need three tools to detangle and smooth your hair before. Trimming is meant to slow breakage or. This DIY haircut tutorial is perfect for trimming natural hair and curls without heat.

However there are benefits to trimming natural hair. Examine the ends that are sticking out of the twistmost of them are likely to be split ends. It also doesnt guarantee a longer breakage point.

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So today Im going to show you how I TrimCut my natural hair at home. The smaller the braid section the better the trim will be however you do not need to try to install mini twists parting the twist with a square inch section at the base will give you a good result. Dusting is cutting off a very small portion of your ends.

Candidly trimming the hair makes it shorter. If you keep your hair healthy a trim will remove less than ¼ to ½ an inch leaving with you with most of your growth. This allows you to see your dead ends which are normally less curly when twisted.

Use the cutting shears to snip off about 05 centimetres 020 in of each split end revealing healthy hair. In optimal conditions your hair growth about half an inch a month so in 4 months your hair can grow about 2 inches. If you want tips for doing the perfect trim that will help to grow out your hair and keep it healthy keep reading.

What are the Benefits of Dusting. If you love a good blowout and frequently wear your hair straight you can stretch hair with a blowdryer first and then snip the ends that feel rough and dehydrated. Hair trimming should be done to remove thinning hair cuticles and to mitigate breakage.

First trim hair off your first twist. REGARDLeSS IF YOU ARE TRIMMING OR DUSTING YOUR END. If this is a routine trim just take a smidgen less than a quarter of an inch.

This helps the form to be more even for better precision. Trims do remove a small amount of your length but lets do the math. How much you trim will depend on the health of your ends.

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Twist the hair in each section. The technique involves starting with your endswere talking the bottom millimeters of hair peopleand then moving onto the mid-shaft split ends by twisting your. If you have damage trim past the damage.

We even found an easy and effective method you can follow for how to trim your own split ends courtesy one of our longtime hair gurus and all-time braid queen Kayley Melissa. Before you read this article make sure youre NOT making these 10 Natural Hair Mistakes. I do this whenever my hair is excessively shedding or I have straggly en.

As mentioned earlier its recommended that you trim your hair to keep it healthy. No trimming natural hair does not directly encourage hair growth. Trimming Natural Hair in Twists.

People go to their hairdresser and ask for a trim only to end up with two inches off but thats not a trim says Kenna founder and owner of Brooklyns Kennaland Hair Studio. Hold your hair up to natural light in order to see more clearly any split ends Trim away your ends carefully with your scissors and repeat the same process working through all your sections in the same way. Youll be able to feel the roughness of the ends in contrast with the rest of your healthy hair which will give you an idea of where to cut.

This is normally done while the hair is in twists.

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