Pressure Temperature Compensated Gas Flow Measurement

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In gas flow measurement the density of the gas changes as pressure and temperature change. The reference volume or the normal cubic metre is often characterised by the abbreviation Nm 3.

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This is compliant to ASME practices per the ASME MFC-3M standard and therefore compliant to US.

Pressure temperature compensated gas flow measurement. This change in density can affect the accuracy of the measured flow rate if it is uncompensated. If the temperature gets to 80 the uncompensated meter will still deliver a gallon but it will have fewer Btus of energy. This Differential pressure then square rooted to convert into the equivalent flow.

In Measurement and Control of Natural Gas There is a need for accurate natural gas measurement and volume correction is the process of taking a gas meters uncorrected volume and converting it to corrected volume based upon the effects of temperature and pressure. The YS1310 Indicator with Alarms is an input indicator that has alarms with two inputs. This correction increases the accuracy of natural gas measurement.

Most gas meters measure the volume of gas at existing line conditions of pressure and temperature. Flowmeter pressure and temperature compensation is typically performed upstream and downstream of the flowmeter respectively. The basic theories on Pressure and Temperature Compensation were.

Common Uses Vortex flow meters are well suited for a variety of applications across a wide range of industries including oil and gas refining chemical and petrochemical and food and beverage. PressureTemperature Compensated Flow P_PTComp The PressureTemperature Compensated Flow P_PTComp Add-On Instruction is used to calculate a flow at standard temperature and pressure essentially a mass flow rate given a volumetric flow rate or differential pressure measurement. When measuring gas it needs temperature and pressure to compensate at the same timeThe gas is generally settled in the standard condition volume flowbecause the flow rate will change when the volume flow rate or pressure of the gas changes.

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LP-gas meter compensation is normalized to 60F. There are two exceptions however where uncompensated density change will not affect the flow measurement. The orifice produces differential pressure DP across the plate and it is sensed by DP type transmitter.

This flow meter is based on volumetric measurement theory and designed for accurately measuring the total amount of gas in a pipeline. In steam or gas flow measurement the density of the steam or gas changes as pressure and temperature change. Without this compensation the flow measurement will be faulty and inaccurate.

For these latter applications temperature andor pressure compensation may be performed electronically to provide the user with an indication or output in the desired units at the desired reference condition. Environmental Protection Agency EPA requirements. Often Vortex flow meters will also utilize a pressure andor temperature sensor to achieve a compensated mass flow measurement.

Temperature variations were less dramatic than the cylinder gas but could still produce measurement error. Two loops can be displayed simultaneously. It is integrated with flow temperature pressure detection of intelligent flow meter.

Fundamentals of Pressure and Temperature Measurement Jeff Goetzman CenterPoint Energy. QT instrument is temperature and pressure compensation vortex flow meter manufacturerpipe ranges DN15-DN300 medium temperature is -40350. This change in density can affect the accuracy of the measured flow rate if it is uncompensated.

A high limit alarm low limit alarm high-high limit alarm and low-low limit alarm can be generated for each of the two inputs and the AND connection or OR connection of arbitrary alarms can be output from a total of 6 contacts. Natural gas sub-meters require pressure and temperature compensation when used to measure gas flow with variable operating temperature and pressure. This instruction also requires measurements of the actual.

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The basic equation which the temperature and pressure compensated flow measurement system. Pressure Temperature Compensation Flow Measurement The orifice is normally used for flow measurement of liquid gas and steam. A compensated meter and an uncompensated meter will deliver identical gallons at 60F assuming everything is working properly.

The variations in temperature and pressure have an effect on gas density. Reference condition 70F 47 PSIA. 1111 Louisiana Houston Texas 77002 Correctly measuring Pressure and Temperature is one of the most important elements in the accurate measurement of Natural Gas.

By stating a unit of flow as Nm 3 there are two parameters that are critical for the definition of the unit flow. Temperature pressure compensated flow control is a flow modified mathematically by one or more additional variables like. The Rosemount model 3095MV and Yokogawa model EJX910 are examples of multi-variable transmitters designed to perform compensated gas flow measurement equipped with multiple pressure sensors a connection port for an RTD temperature sensor and sufficient digital computing power to continuously calculate flow rate based on the AGA equation.

Pressure and temperature compensating this gas flow would mitigate the problem and likely eliminate the symptoms. Air is more temperature depending where CO2is more affected by changing pressure The influence can be compensated for by applying a correction factor Gas Flow Measurement Slide 26SW Lim 19112012. The thermal properties of gases changes as pressure and temperature changes The influence is different for different gases ie.

Gas roots flowmeter is a new generation flow meter which can execute automatic compensation of temperature and pressure. It is common to take the line pressure static pressure measurement at the same port for the upstream DP measurement. A tee fitting can be used.

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