How To Naturally Lighten Blonde Hair In The Sun

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Perfect for brightening blonde tones that have gone flat or ashy this conditioner is spiked with two natural hair lighteners chamomile and lemon extract aaaand a super hydrator sunflower seed. Boil a pot of water then place five chamomile tea bags to steep in the pot.

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Its not your hairs friend either.

How to naturally lighten blonde hair in the sun. On the bright side lemon juice is a natural remedy for oily hair and will leave your hair smelling amazing. In a spray bottle add one part lemon juice to two parts water. 5 Spritz this mixture all over your DRY hair until your hair is completely damp with it.

Indeed this is the most widely used natural hair lightener for a reason. Oh and that chlorinated pool youve been swimming in. This is one sweet-smelling solution for how to naturally lighten hair.

To enhance the effect get some. Combine two parts water with one part lemon juice in a spray bottle and apply to damp hair. This method seems to work the best on hair with lighter shades.

When the water has cooled completely remove the teabags and pour the cold tea over your hair preferably in the shower. Squeeze lemon into a spray bottle and spray the strands of hair to mimic natural highlights. This method seems to work best on lighter shades of hair.

Use these ingredients over a period for effective results. So when my editor asked me to try using lemon juice to lighten my hair I was pumped. It can lighten your hair one to two levels but needs a good day in the sun to work he says.

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It will fade your hair to a lighter color. Salt water will also lighten hair in its dual effects with ultraviolet light. Youll need about two parts water and one part lemon juice.

Chamomile flowers contain natural compounds that help to lighten blonde hair making chamomile tea an easy and effective treatment. Let the strands dry in the sun. And soon my once natural sun-kissed highlights transition to a much more costly chemical lightening.

Spray mixture throughout the hair and leave in for a minimum of one hour. Mix one part vodka to two parts seltzer. It works because of the citric acid in the lemon fruit which can be used while out in the sun to naturally lighten the hair.

To lighten your blonde hair naturally rinse your tresses with lemon infused vodka. Although lime juice is most effective in lightening blonde hair it can also be used to lighten black hair or dark brown hair. Dampen and towel-dry hair.

The trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide in honey are. This ingredient has been used for years as it is consist of bleaching effects. Add the zests of 10 to 15 lemons to a bottle of vodka.

When you combine honey and cinnamon together something magical happens. Making them more porous and prone to breakage explains Pearce. Regardless you dont need much.

Pour it into a spray bottle and spritz in on strands while relaxing in the sun. This technique usually only works on lighter hair tones. In order to lighten hair naturally using lemon you will need to squeeze the juice of a fresh lemon and mix it with equal amounts of water.

Youll also get perfect beach. The citric acid in lime or lemon fruit could be used to lighten hair. Squeeze the juice from the lemons into the spray bottle and add water.

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Avoid getting any lemon juice on your skin it could burn with sun exposure. First lemon juice diluted half and half with distilled water will lighten dark blond or light brown hair and wont leave reddish tones unless your hair already has them. The chlorine in swimming pools and the UV rays lighten your hair color.

You can naturally lighten hair with lemon juice by mixing one part lemon juice with one part water this will reduce the acidity of the lemon juice and minimize damage to your hair. Prepare a spray bottle preferably a mister and fill it with the one cup of lemon-lime juice and one cup of warm water. Wet your hair then spritz the lemon juice mixture over your.

You can use natural remedies like green tea vinegar and baking soda to lighten your hair naturally. Use this mixture to spritz your hair or rinse and leave in at the end of a shower. Lemon juice in hair is probably the most popular and has been for years because it contains bleaching properties.

Apply it to your hair and get out on the sun without rinsing it. Salt water can add to hair damage as it can swell and dry hair shafts. Mix water with a little bit of salt to open up your hair cuticle spray it on your hair and lay out in the sun.

Exposing your hair to the sun and swimming regularly can lighten your hair.

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