How To Protect Your Natural Hair While Swimming

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Wetting your hair before swimming will help to reduce the amount of chlorine your hair absorbs while you are swimming. Learn how to protect your hair with these tools and DIY recipes.

How To Protect Your Natural Hair While Swimming Hair Hacks Natural Hair Tips Natural Hair Styles

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It will also keep your hair from matting up.

How to protect your natural hair while swimming. Top hair care secrets for long short kinky curly and color treated hair. Running it under water prevents your tresses from soaking up as much chlorine other chemicals and salt as they would if you dunked them completely dry. Apply an Oil to Your Hair Use Mielles Mint Almond Oil before getting in the water.

If swimming is part of your workout regimen exposure to sun heat or chlorine can damage your natural hair. When it comes to swimming protecting natural hair from salt and chlorine is key to the overall health of your curls. If you know you are going swimming there are ways to prepare so that you do not have to worry about damaging your natural hair.

Use a Protectant Adding a coat of oil or protectant will aid in minimizing chlorine water penetration while moisturizing your strands. Keep your natural hair hot and sexy this summer by protecting it while swimming. Put Your Hair Up The way you wear your hair to the pool or the beach can have a surprisingly big effect on maintaining it.

Avoid using a hair brush immediately after your swimming routine. Summer has officially arrived the pool is open and the beach is calling. Embrace the swim cap.

Dont apply conditioner only fresh tap water. If youre not planning to wear a swim cap take a few moments to wet your hair before going for a swim. You can even do this step the night before.

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You can use a few drops of apple cider vinegar on your hair. These creams will create a protective film around your hair preventing it from attacking the chemicals in the pool water or high salt content in seawater. The night before swim day you should apply coconut oil to the hair and scalp.

The first thing you need to do before swimming is a layer of lotion conditioner oil brewed on his hair. Coconut oil is a preferred favorite but we also love the. Dont swim without tying your hair up or tucking it away in some protective style.

Instead keep a soft t-shirt or microfibre cloth available in your beach bag and gently pat your hair dry after a swim. Applying it the night before will give it time to build a protective coat on your hair. Your hair will absorb the water and be less likely to absorb as much of the chlorine or salt and minerals from the pool or ocean.

Hair oil is very important before going for a swim in a pool. Caring for my daughters biracial hair has been a concern because shes always at the pool beach or running through the sprinklers. Wet Your Hair.

Use a soft cloth to dry your hair Its just natural for us to jump out of the water and begin rubbing at our hair with a beach towel however the towels rough material is terrible for your hair. It forms a layer so that chlorine water does not harm your hair. Applying coconut oil rich in lauric acid cab help prevent protein loss caused by chlorine water and reduce further damage 2.

If you decide to make swimming a part of your daily or weekly workout regimen you need to take certain precautions to protect your natural hair. It relaxes the mess and also reduces the hair breakage. 8 Steps to Protect Your Natural Hair While Swimming Before Swimming 1.

Using a wide-toothed comb helps avoid frizzy hair and is an easy and effective way to keep your hair tangle-free. Also if you have colored hair this works best for protecting your hair. If you choose to swim bare-headed wet your hair completely before getting into the pool or ocean.

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Before you put on your sexy swimwear take a few moments to protect your hair from the chlorine or salt water. You can try ponytails or braids or buns. This helps to protect your natural hair.

A wide tooth comb detangles your hair without added stress and possible deterioration. It looks a little silly if youre just going for a dip but using a swim cap keeps your hair dry and prevents it from coming in contact with the metals in pool water. 7 ways to protect your natural hair while swimming Thoroughly Wet Your Hair With Water Before Swimming This will help minimize the amount of chlorine and salt that your hair absorbs which is known to cause breakage and dryness.

In order to prevent the spread of bacteria viruses algae and larvae for outside pools chemical disinfectants like chlorine bromine mineral sanitizers and other filters are used. Use coconut or olive oils to nourish and hydrate the hair during and after swimming. This type of hair is predisposed to dryness so when your routine involves taking a swim daily the strands will suffer.

Massage coconut oil gently on damp hair to protect it from chlorinated water. The coconut oil should be organic and unrefined. Try to keep your head and hair out of the water as much as possible.

Take A Quick Shower With Non-Chlorinated Water. Not wearing your hair loose will prevent your hair from being even more stripped of its natural oils.

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