How To Clip Split Ends On Natural Hair

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HOW TO cut very bad split ends on natural hair without pressing —– Hey guys. Severely split ends can be a sign of neglect lack of moisture andor protein or over manipulation.

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Split ends and single strand knots catch and snag more easily on each other increasing tangles.

How to clip split ends on natural hair. Always deal with fairy knots at a dedicated time like when you wash or hydrate your hair. Pay close attention to the angle of the scissors when you cut your hair. You dont want to over do it tho.

Once done hold the hair between the fingers and clip the damaged split ends. Plus even if split ends could be bound back together split ends are a sign that the ends of your hair are unhealthy. All in all being gentle when detangling will aid in how to prevent split ends in natural hair.

So this summer I have not treated my hair very well. On curly hair they frequently show up as tapered ends. Dusting your hair every month or two can really help you cut down on split ends and save you length in the long run.

As you probably know split ends tend to travel upwards leading to further damage. Clip off the split ends as you slide your fingers down the section of hair. How to Trim Split Ends on Natural Hair The most important part of cutting the hair is using the right shears.

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In order for me to retain length I need to trim my. Even if you get a natural hair salon trim youll still want to have a pair on hand for stubborn fairy knots. They may resemble the end of an unraveled rope.

Some people dust more often to make sure all of their split ends are gone. Then clip your hair up wrap it up in a towel or plastic wrap and wait 30 minutes. Pulling hair can cause frayed split ends.

A big pet peeve many naturals have about their hair is split ends. Split ends naturally start developing a couple months after every trim. Making slanted trims can cause split ends.

Exposure to extreme weather conditions and hair care techniques such. Its that time to trim my ends. This results in the loss of the entire strand rather than just the end.

If your hair is fine high porosity kinky type 4 hair like mine split ends are something that you are always combating. Split ends can take on many forms. A few split ends are inevitable when you have curly hair but you should always try to control how many you have.

Tearing through your hair will cause breakage and splitting throughout the hair shaft which can not only create split ends but mid-shaft splits as well. If you were to fix your split ends it would only be a matter of time before your other ends began splitting. In a nut shell split ends occur when the hair loses a lot of moisture and protein thus causing the bond that makes a hair shaft what it is split.

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Some My husband never trims his hair and its grown beautifully and its healthy. When you dont trim split ends they continue to split all the way up the hair shaft. For the treatment take a scoop of coconut oil about a quarter of a handful and work it into your hairfrom the ends to mid-shaft.

In todays video Im gonna be showing you how I cut my very. Hold the scissors so that theyre perpendicular to the strand of hair making it easy to snip off the split ends that you see sticking out. Its best to snip out the tangle rather than pull.

Hop back in the shower rinse and then shampoo your hair twice. 2 Get regular trims The only way to get rid of split or damaged ends is by trimming them off. Split ends are irreversible and any product salon or treatment that tries to tell you otherwise is lying.

Slide your fingers down the strand of hair slowly continuing to clip off split ends as you go. I am cutting off my really bad split end and giving my hair a fresh start. I am also showing y.

Part the hair into medium sized vertical sections spray out the ends with water detangle the hair then use the comb to stretch it. I havent trimmed my ends since I did my second big chop back in feb 2013. While the above is true these are not the only reasons that you may be finding it difficult to manage your split ends.

Split ends happen when the ends of your hair become dry brittle and frayed. In fact its a nuisance of most women trying to repair their hair. In conclusion without a doubt length retention is an important aspect of the natural hair journey.

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