Air Dry Vs Diffuser Natural Hair

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If you have ever blow dried your hair and ended up with a ball of frizz youve seen this firsthand. However when using.

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Its winter and there is no way Im stepping outside with wet hair so I recently invested in a diffuser to speed up the drying process.

Air dry vs diffuser natural hair. 7You are not being gentle enough when removing clips. However the longer and thicker your curls are the longer it will take for them to air dry. Even if you are multi-tasking air drying can take a while for some curlies it takes up to 8hrs to fully dry their hair using this method.

A hair diffuser is used as an attachment with a hairdryer for less concentrated airflow to you to dry your curly hair. Diffuser is useful instrument with the hair dryer if the person suffers from frizz. Please keep your hands off your hair because the more you touch it the worse it looks.

A normal blow dry can fry your waves and make them much less defined. Specifically some women choose to air dry their loose hair meaning they dont use braids or twists so that they can achieve without the texture of twists or braids. So why do hairdressers recommend using a diffuser on natural.

Without a diffuser you will create frizz. Im sure you know that with wavy hair frizz can have a huge visual impact. Wrap your hair in a t-shirt or microfiber towel for 15 minutes to allow for a shorter drying time.

The benefits of using good tools like a diffuser are. If youve got a short curly style going on then you may not mind leaving the house with wet hair. After apply your leave-in and choice of styling creme gel with good hold.

I recently tried to switch back to air drying just to see the difference too and it was very lackluster. My hair is quite long 3a3b boticelli – today I followed the CG routine let it air-dry and although its fairly free of frizz very soft theres not NEARLY as much volume and my curls are MUCH looser than if Id used the diffuser on med-high heat. I used to be super anti-blow dry.

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Since heat damage is the enemy of curly hair investing in a great diffusercombined with a phenomenal styling product of coursewill make a world of difference. My hair is also so much more defined and voluminous. Leave the rest of your damp hair to dry in the air and retain its natural shape and texture.

Allow your hair to air dry until your hair is about 50- 60 dry this will allow the curls to take shape and clump. Keep the exposure time short to stop the blow fryer effect. Even if you only diffuse 10 mins and then air dry youve done enough to crystallize the product cast and your air dry will be more successful.

After your hair is detangled rinse out the conditioner. Haha Im so excited for todays video because I feel like so many people have such different opinions about this topic. It is naturally suited for those who have curly or wavy hair but if you have natural hair and are looking to make your hair curly then go for it however it is normally used for straightening curly hair.

Give your hair time to dry naturally for a shiny bouncy look with much hydration. To blow-dry your hair without doing too much damage Beauty Brains recommends using a diffuser to avoid overheating. Diffusing the hair from soaking wet will give you the most defined curls.

I only started blow drying my hair within the last 2 years and wow what a difference. It can help to let your hair partially air dry up to 75 before you diffuse. If you have wavy hair a diffuser is a great way to dry your hair while maintaining your waves.

The air force from a hair dryer can ruin the way your hair clumps together into defined waves or curls. Hair dryers or blow dryers are electromechanical devices that give off hot or cool air to dry hair quickly after a shower. I just bought a hair dryer and have been experimenting with this and I find that if I diffuse I dont need to use a gel with quite so much hold as I do when I air-dry.

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Although it may take a little bit longer do this. A hair diffuser can reduce the air velocity from your hair dryer allowing you to dry your hair without disturbing your curls. Using the highest heat setting or a higher blow setting can cause major frizz even through a diffuser.

Benefits to Air Drying Loose Natural Hair. Watch in HD The battle is on. When your hair is at least 80 dry start scrunching it forward and back to add volume to your curls.

Set your diffuser on cool instead of hot or warm. Only the diffuser touches the hair when drying for best results. The diffuser enhances the natural waves and curls in the hair.

I think thats because diffusing upside-down sets my curls quickly before they have a chance to weigh themselves down so I dont have to rely on just product to hold them in. Never forgoing my diffuser again. Living with curly hair can be a blessing and a curse.

If youre letting your hair air-dry in the sun a squeeze of Kerastase Soleil Creme UV Sublime 2480 smooths and adds gloss while Aussie SOS Instant Heat Saviour Hair Spray 699 acts. Well to be real each hair type is different so before you come at us this is a recommended. Youre lucky enough to have gorgeous look-at-me tendrils but keeping them in proper pretty shape can be a challenge.

A central piece of advice that Ive come across repeatedly for processed hair is the value of air drying hair versus using heat.

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