My Natural Hair Is Breaking What Should I Do

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If Your Natural Hair Is Too Damn Dry Stop What Youre Doing And Read These 12 Expert Tips Find out how things like co-washing your hair oiling your scalp and using warm water are really. When heat is applied it can shock your hair causing to get brittle and dry and ultimately break.

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When you step out of the shower its a natural response to rub a towel on your skin and hair.

My natural hair is breaking what should i do. For best results Stevens says you should steam for 20 to 30 minutes at a time and do it either in between shampoos or every time you condition your hair. Breakage is caused by us and the things we do to our hair. It doesnt matter whether your hair is natural or straight those top strands just seem to have a mind of their own.

Instead a relaxer or perm is a chemical solution thats applied to extremely curly coiled hair to make it lay straight. Shedding is a normal part of the hair growth life cycle whereas breakage is not. Heat is the main issue when it comes to damage in the hair explains Jon Reyman co.

Unfortunately this leaves us with a thirsty achy section of scalp that is often thinning and breaking and screaming out for help while the rest of our tresses flourish. As a natural add moisture is one the best thing you can do for your hair. Towels are rough and unfortunately most salons still use them to dry our.

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Taking care of natural care can sometimes test even the most patient people. Hydrating shampoos dont strip away your hairs natural oils. Hot oil treatments are great for replenishing moisture as well.

Though these products are less harsh than they used to be they can still do damage to both your scalp and your hair. Use of towels to dry your hair after washing causes a lot of breakage through friction. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that helps prevent the loss of protein from the hair.

According to Santiago theres a couple ways you can do a natural-hair blowout like in the tutorial above but the main goal here is to stretch your hair not necessarily straighten it. To stop inches of my hair from breaking off and splitting I use this delightful rose-scented hair oil. Short hair can be very low-maintenance but longer tresses demand time and pampering for the healthiest results.

Using your flat iron curling wand or blow dryer too much can be the reason your hair keeps breaking off. Sometimes all your hair needs is a reboot. My very scientific answer isbecause you broke it.

Using a ACV rinse or a gentle clarifying shampoo cleanse your hair from root to tip. Hair Health Isnt Your First Priority. A clarifying cleanse will rid your scalp from the bacteria and fungus that get in the way of maintaining moisture and healthy hair growth.

One of my favorite quotes about natural hair breakage comes from Jc of The Natural Haven A very common question is why does my hair break. Identifying why your hair is breaking is often easier when your hair is wet. In fact these qualities will often be exaggerated when your hair is wet.

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You can use a variety of different oils for great results but the best oil to use is jojoba oil because it is considered to be most like the natural hair oil called. Wash with a restorative shampoo to strengthen your hair. According to hair care experts rubbing your wet hair with a terry-cloth towel after washing can cause hair damage and breakage due to the friction thats created between the towel and your hair.

If you dont want to take the time to gently cleanse detangle or style your locks either keep your hair cut extremely low or continue to straighten your hair. When your hair is wet the hair will exude the basic properties of strength and elasticity. Look for a product advertised as anti-breakage strengthening restorative or repair To apply wet your hair in the shower and pour a coin-sized amount of shampoo into your palm.

Comprehensive wet hair assessments will help your hair remain healthy and in great condition. Bivona added Try using either camellia oil which is a prominent ingredient in my absolute favorite post-shower serum or coconut oil daily on wet and dry hair to introduce moisture and protect your hair from any more damage After using each of the products religiously I thought it wise to also put off my next color appointment.

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