Pitot Tube Flow Meter Working Principle

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Pitot tubes can be very simple devices with no moving parts used to measure flow velocities. It is widely used to determine the airspeed of an aircraft water speed of a boat and to measure liquid air and gas flow velocities in certain industrial applications.

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The static pressure is the operating pressure in the pipe duct or the environment upstream to the pitot tube.

Pitot tube flow meter working principle. This video animation demonstrates the principle of operation for differential-pressure pitot tube flowmeters. Some products are stainless steel and there are different shaped pitot tubes to be used with different instruments and have different applications. Model 166T Adjustable Design Extends Insertion Length to 36 Inches.

This variable area principle consists of three basic elements. The pitot tube is used to measure the local flow velocity at a given point in the flow stream and not the average flow velocity in the pipe or conduit Pitot tube is made up of a bent glass tube which is used to determine the airspeed of an aircraft water speed of a boat and to measure liquid air and gas flow velocities in certain industrial applications. Pitot tube will be made of a glass tube bent at right angle as displayed here in following figure.

Pitot tubes were invented by Henri Pitot in 1732 to measure the flowing liquid or air velocity. Pitot Tube Working Principle The Pitot tube is named after Henri Pitot who used a bent glass tube to measure velocities in a river in France in the 1700s. A pitot tube can be used to measure fluid flow velocity by converting the kinetic energy in a fluid flow to potential energy.

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Basically a differential pressure dp flowmeter a pitot tube measures two pressures. The principle is that when cross sectional area of the flow is reduced then a pressure difference is created between the different areas of flow which helps in measuring the difference in pressure. It allows flow measurement by.

It does not work on the center line velocity which is 100 for the media as like a orifice a venturi and nozzle and many more flow meter works. The pitot tube was invented by the French engineer Henri Pitot in the early 18th century and was modified to its modern form in the mid-19th century by French scientist Henry Darcy. The static and the total impact pressure.

Located inside the flow tube and is engineered so that its diameter is nearly identical to the flow tubes inlet. B Venturi tube c Flow nozzle and fall flow tube d All of these. The Annubar primary flow element is a device that is used to measure the flow of a liquid gas or vapor that flows through a pipeline.

If the velocity of flow at a point decreases pressure will be increased at that point due to the conversion of kinetic energy in to pressure energy. Pitot tube flowmeters are a cost-effective solution for many flow measurement applications. For the measurement of flow the cheapest device is a Venturi b Dall flow tube c Flow nozzle d Pitot static tube.

Thus the velocity of the media is perfectly averaged out and offered for DP measurement in the flow meter. A pitot tube also known as pitot probe is a flow measurement device used to measure fluid flow velocity. In simplest form the pitot tube consists of a glass tube bent at right angles.

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1 2 H Let p 1 pressure at section 1 h p 2 pressure at section 2 v 1 velocity at section 1 H depth of tube in the liquid h rise of liquid in the tube above the free surface v 2 velocity at section 2 0 Point 2 is just at the inlet of the Pitot-tube. Integral temperature and pressure compensation to deliver the reading of standard flow temperature and pressure at same time. Working Principle of Pitot tube Pitot tube works on the principle of Bernoullis equation.

The averaging pitot tube works on the 80 velocity of the media rate at the top of the center line in a velocity gradient in a pipe line or duct and 70 velocity of the media in the below portion of the center line. With the help of this pressure difference we can easily measure the discharge in flow. Principle of Annubar operation.

Pitot tubes are single point sensors with velocity pressure output for indication of air flow rate. A uniformly tapered flow tube a float and a. The device which is used for making temporary measurements of flow is a Venturi b Dull flow tube c Orifice plate d Pitot static tube.

Working principle of Pitot tube When a solid body is kept centrally and stationery in a pipeline with flowing fluid the velocity of the fluid starts reducing at the same time the pressure fluid increases due to the conversion of kinetic energy into pressure energy due to the presence of the body. This video is demonstrating the principle of work of pitot tube flow meter. Pitot tubes an established technology for flow measurement are capable of measuring bi-directional flow and are well suited for large pipelines of up to 12 meters in diameter.

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PTF520 Protable pitot tube type air flow meter for wet or dry compressed air Nitrogen and non-corrosive gas flow measurement. The principle is based on the Bernoulli Equation where each term of the equation can be interpreted as pressure p 12 ρ v2 ρ g h p 12 ρ v2 γ h. Pitot tubes are a common type of insertion flowmeter.

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