How To Keep Natural Hair Moisturized Overnight

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This system is used to moisturize natural hair in three simple steps. To keep your natural hair healthy shiny and long you must master the art of moisturizing.

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LOC method is hands down one of the best methods to keep natural 4C hair moisturized.

How to keep natural hair moisturized overnight. Weve found a few treats. Mid week routine for keeping 4C natural hair extremely moisturized for days. LOC means liquidleave-in oil and cream.

This will keep your natural moisture levels intact and protect your strands from the harsh suds of the shampoo. Steam In Your Deep Conditioner. Natural deep conditioners sit in your hair long enough to penetrate the strands.

The LOC method involves the layering of products on natural hair for maximum water retention. LIGHTLY Spritz Hair With Water When you have dry natural hair the key tip is to add water. Low porosity hair will float due to the fact that no water is being let into the shaft.

You can let it sit overnight or for an hour or two before you begin your wash. The LOC method is a great way to keep your hair moisturized throughout winter. Spritz your hair with water so its slightly damp.

Use a t-shirt or the Aquis Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban which has a waffle weave to absorb moisture without rubbing. Using cream after you have applied the oil to your hair helps to seal as much moisture to your hair as possible. 9 Apply UV Protection To Your Hair.

Remember real moisturizers have water listed as one of the first ingredients Cover your hair with a plastic cap while you sleep. I love to use the LCO method to moisturize my natural hair and oil my scalp with. If the strands sink they have high porosity.

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The easiest and best way to moisturize hair overnight is using a leave-in conditioner says Williams who recommends applying your leave-in to clean wet hair but the baggy method can be done without cleansing or wetting the hair. Moisturizing your natural hair helps to get moisture into your hair strands keeping your hair hydrated and very easy to manage. Take a spray bottle and lightly spritz your hair water.

These 10 tips will help you get and keep your straight do. Can Help Retain Length in Natural Hair. Let the strands sit and watch to see if they float sit in the middle or sink to the bottom.

Deep conditioning your hair weekly or biweekly at least is another great way to keep dry hair moisturized. Then apply a deep conditioner to your hair and allow it to penetrate for at least 15 minutes under a steam cap. You dont want all your time and efforts wasted with a straight look that doesnt last into the afternoon.

To take it up a notch pre-poo your hair with your favorite oil or butter prior to stepping in the shower. For the liquidleave-in you can use either a water-based leave-in conditioner or just water. Youll typically cleanse your hair first whether using a shampoo or just cowashing your hair with conditioner.

If you struggle with wintertime dryness the key to restoring hydration in both natural and processed hair is to make sure that its conditioned and oiled at all times. If you are going to be in the sun with your hair exposed look for leave-in sprays that offer UV protection. Although a silksatin pillowcase can help to keep your hair from snagging covering it with a bonnet will keep your hair from moving too wildly at night.

The covering creates a barrier between your hair and the fabric you sleep on to prevent moisture wicking and also any staining from your products. It consists of hydrating the hair with water or a water-based product which is your liquid sealing in the moisture with an oil and then applying a cream to close the hair cuticles to prevents moisture loss and hair damage through breakage. If youve straightened your natural locks in the past you know how much work that entails.

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Your natural hair needs water and it is a very vital ingredient for the growth and health of. Finally one of the most important ways to moisturize natural hair is a consistent deep conditioning routine. This is the key to maintaining your curly hair.

Take a cup of room temperature water and place a few strands of CLEAN hair into the cup. Wring hair with your hands first and then place the dry cloth over top. You may also want to add a moisturizer of your choice.

You want to ensure youre using oil to seal in the moisture to your mane. The oil is used to seal in the moisture you have absorbed into your hair by hydrating your hair with water. You can do this with protective styles such as braids or looser hairstyles such as twist outs.

Turn on the humidifier Some of you may have heard about this technique before but I cannot stress it enough. Running a heater while you sleep may be necessary to stay warm especially during this time of year but it can also be drying to the air around you. Wearing a protective layer over your hair can keep your hair healthy.

Once you straighten your hair learn how to maintain your style until the next shampoo. There are differences between the two but either one will prevent moisture loss overnight along with normal snags and split ends from friction. Focus on the ends where there is usually the most damaged hair split ends hair knots and moisture loss.

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