How To Wand Curl Natural Hair

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This was my first attempt at wand curling my natural hair. Using Curling Wands For Curly Hair.

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For even more definition finger coil the ends of twists or secure a small flexi rod to them.

How to wand curl natural hair. To curl the hair wrap a one-inch section of hair around the wand away from your face and leave the ends out. Hold hair in place for a few seconds and then release. One of the easiest methods for giving natural hair all-over curls comes with using two-strand twists.

After sectioning and detangling your hair follow the steps below. Take a strand of hair about an inch wide and hold your curling wand vertically at the side of your head. If youre looking to curl your full head without blow-drying first the Homitt ceramic hair curler can help.

See more ideas about hair natural hair styles. You should be left with a long wavy curl. Do not touch the hair as it dry to avoid causing friction that may produce frizz.

A curling wand gives you instant curls and is the fastest way to curl your hair. You do not need to leave your hair on the curling wand for long. Then follow the instructions on the bottle to apply a curl-boosting spray or mousse all over your hair.

Deep condition treatments protein treatments heat protectants and using. Take a section of your hair from your ponytail then wrap it around your wand. Keep the hair on the wand for about five seconds but not longer.

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This video is all about wand curls because natural hair is versatile and a little heat here and there hopefully wont hurt. Apply a heat protectant Twist the section of your hair around the curling wand and hold about an inch at the ends. But taking the proper steps to protect the hair will save you from heat damage.

I received the products used in this tutorial in my Cocotique monthly beauty subscription box. Its important to condition your hair before you plan to use heat on it. Feed the section of hair through the barrel and begin curling.

Once you receive. It automatically pulls your strands into the chamber and curls them with a spray steam. If you want the beach wave look only use the curling wand from the middle of your hair and wrap it a few times leaving an inch on the ends.

This can cause mild to severe heat damage. Choose the strand of your hair you want to start with. Set each curl by catching it right as you release it from around the barrel holding it in your hand for a few seconds then releasing.

Yall know Ive talked about this black-owned subscription box all the time. Before curling your hair dampen your hair slightly until it is moist but not soaking wet. Make sure its not thicker than about an inch otherwise you wont get bouncy curls.

Leave your hair on the wand for 5-10 seconds depending on how tight you would like your curl to be. If you want larger looser waves wrap larger sections of your hair and if you want tighter curls wrap smaller sections. Once youre finished curling your whole head find about five pieces of hair that need.

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Hold the hair for three to four seconds before releasing your hair from the wand. As your hair is still wet take the product in your palm and apply it to your hair. Direct the wand so it points to your shoulder and start wrapping the hair from the base to the tip.

Before you start this process remember to wash and condition your hair. Start from the back of your hair where you have thicker hairs. Gather your hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic.

Continue to curl the rest of your ponytail then brush through to create effortless-looking curls. Wand curls are super easy cute and dont have to be a hassle. Most of us naturals are terrified of heat I know.

Continue I started off with freshly washed and deep conditioned hair. How to do Wand Curls on Natural Hair. Check out how I was able to achieve my voluminous wand curls on blow dried natural hair.

When the curling wand is at your desired heat setting or temperature wrap a small section of your hair on the wand. Dampen your hair to apply a curl-boosting spray or mousse. I will try again when the temperature cools down.

You get so many full-sized products for natural hair every month so its definitely worth the spend. The humidity got to it a few hours later causing it to frizz. Hold each section around the wand for a few seconds and then release.

Continue curling the top section of hair alternating between curling away from your face and toward your face for a more natural finish. Curling wands are the fastest way to curl your hair and get instant curls. Allow your hair to dry off completely.

If you decide to switch up wand curls are the best fit and this method is also a more suitable way to curl your hair using heat. Starting with the tips wrap your hair around the wand.

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