Ether C Flow 1.1 Review

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MrSpeakers ETHER C Flow headphone is a no-compromise closed back headphone delivering top of the line audiophile sound that until now was only available from the best open back headphones while reducing external noise or minimizing leakage of sound to people nearby so you no longer have to trade sound quality for isolation. After the release of our ├ćON headphone a number of customers requested a tuning kit for their ETHER Flow so we went back to the drawing board to see if we could extract some more fun from these wonderful headphones.

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The C Flow 11s bass is more elevated and while it lacks in actual impact the elevation almost begins to make up for it.

Ether c flow 1.1 review. ETHER C Flow will sport a new carbon fiber pattern. Like the Ether Flow 11 it presents even the most distant sounding instruments with a ton of richness and flavor. As mentioned above the Ether 2 is the successor to a very popular headphone.

MrSpeakers makes world-class headphones The Ether Flow and Ether C Flow are two of this years most sumptuous new creations. One of my favorite things about this headphone is the soundstage. On September 28 2016 1023 am.

Introducing ETHER Flow 11 a fun update to MrSpeakers award-winning line of open and closed planar magnetic headphones. The highs might not have extreme energy or sparkle but they do extend well and the Ether Flow is far from a dark sounding headphone. The open- and closed-back Flows sound pretty similar.

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Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The earpads of the Mr. The Ether C takes the crown for what might be some of the worst mids Ive ever heard in a headphone.

MrSpeakers has been feverishly working on improving the Ether open back headphones. The result is a truly vibrant and stimulating sense of imaging that pops with dimension and color. The Ether Flow 11 Open is the entry level offering of the Ether line.

It has tons of grip and texture but is almost conservative in its presence. Speakers Ether Flow 11 are made of thick soft foam. The bass on the Ether Flow 11 is tight and unobtrusive.

They have a bit of a memory foam feel to them but maintain a sense of firmness in the middle. The Ether Flow like all MrSpeakers headphones are made in the companys factory in San Diego. Listening to a bass drum-heavy song is hilarious because it sounds so wrong.

It involves the changing of the external filter by carefully removing the earpad detaching the original filters attaching the new one replacing the earpad and attaching a small adhesive screen over the vent hole. As a result this leather is supple to the touch. The C has more low-end fullness and slightly less spacious mids and highs.

ETHER Flow 11 and ETHER C Flow 11 Mod. It includes a DUM Distinctly Un-Magical cable with the termination of your choice and a backpack-friendly hard-shell carrying case. Ether Flow Ether C Flow is designed built and tested in San Diego CA and offers a 2-year warranty for parts and labor.

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The user-replaceable cables are more flexible than the cables Ive used with previous MrSpeakers headphones. Rivaling Headphones costing twice the price the Ether Flow 11 Open is a shining example of our companys mission to provide unparalleled value to the headphone community. The previous Ether Flow driver design has TrueFlow fitted into and around it to improve its performance over the original Ether series.

Now with Ether 2 the driver itself is designed from the ground up to completely integrate and work alongside TrueFlow in a harmonious fashion. Just like the previous Ether models this one also comes with MrSpeakers patent pending V-Planar technology. The mod itself is quite simple and can be effectuated in about five minutes.

This new Ether C V11 presentation is much more coherent than before and whilst I wouldnt call it a neutral low-end it does sound more balanced than before. What blows me away is the speed of these things. The thing about the Ether Flow is they are not the most open sounding headphones but there is excellent imaging and coherency.

Additionally the foam is coated in NAPA lamb leather. If you are used to the older Ether C before the new sound is also going to sound the slightly cleaner sound of the two with more mids presence and an excellent vocal performance. If you like a snappy pop song these cans will smack you in the face.

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