Purple Plant With Small Purple Flower

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Plant in full sun. They can be ornaments to your garden grounds house walls or in a hanging pot.

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15 m tall and spread between 2 ft.

Purple plant with small purple flower. They grow 2 to 3 inches of rounded clusters of 14 inches deep purple flower from mid-summer through fall and self-seeds readily. It bears wonderful clusters of purple or white flowers which are intensely fragrant with a deep grapey smell. Theyre extremely attractive to bees particularly the hairy footed flower bee Anthophora plumipes.

Also known as pincushion flowers Scabiosa is an interesting flower with a pincushion-like center and an outer layer of petalsThis summer bloomer can be found most often in shades of blue white and purple. They bloom best in the summer and prefer full sun or light shade. Verbena Verbena is a beautiful plant that produces small purple blooms all summer long.

The flowers are frequently used in floral arrangements however this flower is also lovely when dried. Lilacs have a fragrant scent and are often found in gardens and decorative bouquets. Purple Verbena Flowers are erect shrubby perennials that can grow up to 6 ft tall in southern regions and 3 ft tall in the northern parts.

Leaves are glossy and attractive with slight ribbing. This may be why purple is one of the. This shrub-like plant has long stems that can grow up to 5 ft.

Plant identification blue and purple flowers. It symbolizes rebirth and is often associated with Easter. Aconitum carmichaelii Arendsii.

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Plant for Purple Lovers This flowering shrub has purple power. The color itself has roots in royal symbolism. The plant will bloom the most prolifically in hes print but will continue pushing out blossoms in the summer and fall growing as tall as 15 inches high.

The following photos will allow you to identify blue and purple flowering plants. Salvia grows on a four-sided stem paired leaves with spikes of tubular two-lipped purple flowers. Lilac Syringa vulgaris Lilac produces small purple flowers that grow in dense clumps on the bush.

The silvery-gray purple flowering plant grows from 1 to 4 feet tall in full sun and boasts graceful spires of tiny blooms. Pearl Glam callicarpas deep violet foliage from spring through frost will burst into bloom in late summer with white flowers that yield violet-purple by the hundreds. Corydalis plants grow in large clumps producing fern-like foliage and delicate purple flowers.

Funnel-shaped flowers are borne in shades of blue violet pink purple red and white. The color is known for its ability to have a calming effect that uplifts the spirits and nourishing sense of spirituality. The Blue Indigo Baptisia australis is a delightful bushy perennial with small purple flowers and is on the list of early spring bloomers.

The color purple is a rare color to occur in nature a combination of calming blue and fiery red. Aside from its aesthetic value Verbena has long been used in folk plant medicine usually served as an herbal tea. This may be one of the reasons that purple flowers are so adored by gardeners everywhere.

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They can grow anywhere from 18-48 inches tall making these plants a serene look in your garden. Click on image to view plant details. The waffle plant is a beautiful tiny houseplant with colorful foliage having a metallic tone in purple color the striking appearance which makes it an excellent addition to your home or office.

Plants with purple flowers lungwort The lungwort Pulmonaria spp is named after its mottled leaves which are supposed to resemble lungs. Available in a variety of shades from moody to sweet this mix of low-maintence annuals and perennials are stunning planted together or paired with other hues. Lamium maculatum is perhaps best known as a ground cover plant with silvery foliage but the cultivar Purple Dragon adds light purple flowers.

And lavender also repels mosquitoes. A punch of purple flowers could be just what you need. Also known as the Purpletop Vervain the Verbena Verbena bonariensis is characterized by having small purple five-petaled flowering plant.

06 1 m. Lamium purpureum also known as purple deadnettle grows no more than about 9 inches in height. Add a pop of purple to your garden with these varieties of perennial flowers that range from pale mauve to deep plum.

Heliotrope is grown as an annual in Zones 2 to 9 and as a perennial in Zones 10 to 11. For particularly showy purple flowers choose Hidcote Superior Sarah or Munstead.

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