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The command ip flow ingress is issued to ensure that all flows passing through the router can be monitored regardless of direction. Specify egress to enable NetFlow multicast egress accounting.

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Ip flow ingress only on all active interfaces Active meaning interfaces that have an IP address and are UP 2.

Ip flow ingress ip flow egress. So when to use ip route-cache flow and when to use ip flow ingress. This is working correctly on another network with a different router so I am. This trick is common practice in all NetFlow reporting tools.

Where ip flow ingress tracks flow into the interface and ip flow egress is needed to monitor the outbound flow. Traffic may be monitored in any direction which makes options B C and D incorrect choices I find the answerexplination to be different from what I learned. Specify ingress to enable NetFlow multicast ingress accounting.

Enables NetFlow ingress accounting for traffic arriving on an interface. Until now we have not had any vlans configured. Ip flow egress.

UDP port 9996 is commonly used for NetFlow. The Egress NetFlow Accounting feature can be used on a provider edge PE router to capture IP traffic flow information for egress IP packets that arrived at the router as MPLS packets and underwent label disposition. Hi all We have a fairly simple network but I now want to add a separate vlan 20 for guest traffic.

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Ip flow ingress is also applied to all internal interfaces. I prefer ip flow ingress as you can also add egress if needed. You are correct that ip route-cache flow ip flow ingress but ip route-cache flow enables ingress on all configured subinterfaces.

Ip flow-export source FastEthernet00020 ip. Many collectors that work with NetFlow v9 will puke when they receive IPFIX. Check out this thread as well.

Ip flow ingress will enable flows on individual sub-interfaces as opposed to all of them on the same interface. Routerconfig-if ip flow ingress egress Enables NetFlow multicast traffic on the specified interface for RP and PFC. Ip route-cache flow.

Although they are very similar dont let any company tell you they are exactly the same. Ip flow-export version version. Since an ingress flow contains the source and destination interface ie.

If your router is running Cisco IOS release 122 14S 120 22S 122 15T or later the ip flow ingress command is used to enable NetFlow on an interface. For this reason it is important to enable NetFlow on all interfaces of the switch or router. The MPLS egress NetFlow accounting feature allows you to capture Internet Protocol IP flow information for packets undergoing multiprotocol label switching MPLS label disposition.

Scrutinizer handles both with ease. Ip flow ingress and ip flow egress only on one interface Netflow version 9IPFIX. Port of the router.

Ip address xxxx 255255255240 ip access-group internet-filter in no ip redirects no ip unreachables no ip proxy-arp ip flow ingress ip nat outside ip virtual-reassembly no ip route-cache cef duplex auto speed auto no cdp enable end. In theory ingress and egress should work the same in IPFIX which is based on NetFlow v9 but they are certainly different. Out bound traffic is determined by using ingress flows from the other interfaces.

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That is packets that arrive on a router as MPLS and are transmitted as IP. Ciscos article on Netflow and subinterface support offers a wealth of information on this subject. We have wireless access points and they can attach an SSID to a VLAN.

Removes the NetFlow egress accounting flow key that specifies an output interface and adds a flow key that specifies an input interface for NetFlow egress accounting. Ip flow egress only on all active and functional interfaces Active meaning interfaces that have an IP address and are UP working 3. Egress NetFlow Accounting in Cisco IOS 123T Releases 123 11T or Later The Egress NetFlow Accounting feature captures NetFlow statistics for IP traffic only.

Ip route-cache flow will enable flows on the physical interface and all sub-interfaces associated with it. Ip flow-export destination ip-address udp-port This is the IP address of the network device or server to which you want to send the NetFlow information and the number of the UDP port on which the network device or server is listening for this information.

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