Which Way Does A Magnetic Field Flow

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The field lines have arrows on them. The direction the magnetic field produced by a moving charge is perpendicular to the direction of motion.

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Then the magnet field lines are not connecting only the ends of a magnet bar see this picture.

Which way does a magnetic field flow. So if flux goes away you replace. By convention we state that the magnetic field has a direction associated with it such that the field exits the North end of a magnet flows through the air or other materials nearby and re-enters the South end of the magnet. The magnetic field outside the toroid is zero.

In addition magnetic fields create a force only on moving charges. They found that the magnetic orientation switched in successive basaltic lava layers. The direction of the force due to a magnetic field is perpendicular to the direction of motion.

These are loops being put into or pulled out of a magnetic field. The parallel lines are in a plane perpendicular to the plane of the coil. Then the thumb points in the direction of the magnetic field.

Their direction is marked by the arrows. The direction of the magnetic field within a toroid can be easily found by the right hand rule. Magnetic field lines are like streamlines in fluid flow in that they represent a continuous distribution and a different resolution would show more or fewer lines.

The direction of the magnetic field at any point is parallel to the direction of nearby field lines and the local density of field lines can be made proportional to its strength. Inside the magnet the field flows from the South back. There is no flow of energy or material nor preferred direction of these lines.

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The magnetic field is strongest at. The thumb shows the direction of motion and the index finger shows the field lines and the middle finger shows the direction of induced current. Ive always assumed that this means that electric signals travel in the conventional current direction and that its the travel of holes that gets close to the speed of light.

Grasp the toroid with the fingers of your right hand curled in the direction of the current in the windings. The lines of magnetic force flow into Earth in the northern hemisphere and out of Earth in the southern hemisphere. In this sense the north and the south pole are equal.

The magnitude varies over the surface of the Earth in the range 03 to 06 Gauss. However since the poles are located closer together and a more direct path exists for the lines of flux to travel between the poles the magnetic field is concentrated between the poles. We know that electrons move from the negative to positive terminal and that holes flow in the conventional direction of current – from the positive to negative terminal.

If an external magnetic field is applied horizontally so that it crosses the flow of electrons in the wire conductor or in the electron beam the two magnetic fields will interact. The field lines come out of N north pole and go into S south pole the field lines are more concentrated at the poles. First at all the magnetic lines connect the two poles.

Based on the rocks magnetism we can find the magnetic pole orientation. If you imagine gripping the wire with your right hand with your thumb pointing in the direction of the current the magnetic field travels in the direction of the fingers around the wire. The direction of the magnetic field clockwise or counterclockwise depends on the direction of current flow.

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It means that when the current flows in a circular wire coil the magnetic field produced has straight lines of force near the centre of the coil as shown in figure. The Earths magnetic field is attributed to a dynamo effect of circulating electric current but it is not constant in direction. One end of the magnet becomes a north pole and the other end becomes the south pole.

Earths magnetic field is defined by the North and South Poles that align generally with the axis of rotation Figure 913. Then for the next layer the south pole becomes the north pole. In simple language if direction of current is in clock wise then the direction of magnetic line is south and if direction is in anti-clock wise then the direction is north.

The magnetic lines of force flow from pole to pole just like in the bar magnet. So within the first layer of basaltic lava magnetite records the north pole direction. Lenzs law says that the current induced flows in a direction so as to oppose the change in flux.

When you reverse the direction of the current flowing in the wire the north and south poles are also reversed. When you reverse the current again the north and south poles reverse again. The magnetic field magnitude measured at the surface of the Earth is about half a Gauss and dips toward the Earth in the northern hemisphere.

As it solidifies it locks the magnetic field orientation like a tiny compass. If electric current flows in a straight line the right hand rule shows the direction invisible magnetic field lines flow around a wire.

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