Volition In A Sentence

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How to use volition in a sentence. Examples of Volition in a sentence.

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Volition in a sentence 1 They left entirely of their own volition.

Volition in a sentence. Definition will done consciously and voluntarily without being forced or threatened She left the company of her own volition. Will willing. Willing to acquiesce accept or agree to something without objection protest or resistance.

Definition ofvolition vəlɪʃən US voʊl- 1. Volition in a sentence volition example sentences Of her own volition and choice. They are not going to give up their power on their own volition He should have taken it on his own volition to.

Volition will done consciously and voluntarily without being forced or threatened. Approval and internal overview Typically personnel of an LEA cannot just exercise a power of their own volition. 5 Deena left the company of her own volition.

4 What is needed is knowledge and volition. There commonly exists a great want of application a slowness of intellect similar to the slowness of volition. The actual exercise of that power by directing any particular action or its forbearance is that which we call volition or willing.

6 But not of his own volition. How To Use Volition In A Sentence. Chavez said adding that Miquilena departed on his own volition.

The act of making a choice. How to use volition in a sentence. From Wiktionary The top opened of its own volition revealing an aged stone dagger with dulled edges and a chipped stone hilt.

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Phrase If you do something of your own volition you do it because you have decided for yourself that you will do it and not because someone else has told you to do it. He knew that if he could just stand back a little he could apply his peculiarly deterministic volition to the problem. Volition noun free will will choice election choosing option purpose resolution determination preference discretion committing crimes of violence through cold premeditated volition of your own volition of your own free will voluntarily Mr Coombes had gone to the police of his own volition.

Despite my parents preference I have decided to attend an out-of-state college on my own volition. She went out on her own volition she went out for herself. It couldnt have come out of its own.

Volition in a sentence Youre on without effort and moving forward without volition. One peacock did not leave on its own volition. Use volition in a sentence Still a good portion of the crowd was there on its own volition especially older individuals and many pensioners that were always Miloševics core support.

It is not one I walked into of my own volition. Volition in a sentence. Nathan pled guilty to the crime on his own volition and against his attorneys wishes.

The power to make your own decisions or choices. Her arms slid around his neck of their own volition and she eagerly returned his kiss. This is the element of spontaneity in volition and in reason.

Volition in a sentence Art might seem a pure expression of human volition. I will leave the cell of my own volition. Nature is without volition and acts perforce whereas man possesses a mighty will.

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No administrator should be directly. The moment that we introduce the operation of human volition and activity that too becomes one of the factors of survival THE UNSOLVED RIDDLE OF SOCIAL JUSTICE STEPHEN LEACOCK. Volition and intention lie behind all actions.

2 She left entirely of her own volition. They did not appear of their own volition. Coalition litigation politic politics political politically politician political party.

The only genuine act of volition is that in which all the obscure forces of our nature take part. The attainment of any object is conditioned upon knowledge volition and action. The capability of conscious choice and decision and intention 2.

Her arms slid around his neck of their own volition and she pressed close to him. Uncountable noun Your volition is the power you have to decide something for yourself. Volition definition is – the power of choosing or determining.

Sentence with the word volition The basic action in this case is often called a volition which is said to be the agents willing trying or endeavoring to move a certain part of her body in a certain way. Without conscious volition Harry fol-. It is a failure of volition but its an overwhelming drive that absolutely crushes volition.

Amelia turned about and walked slowly up to him by no volition of her conscious self. 3 Helena left the company of her own volition.

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