What Does Exotic Mean

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That cute lil C that often describes beautiful things. What does exotic mean.

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Exotic definition of foreign origin or character.

What does exotic mean. Romantic literature is often erotic. Exotic is meant to symbolize something alluring adventurous or positive. Introduced from abroad but not fully naturalized or acclimatized.

Exotic Cars For Sale. Exotic Foreign unusual unique in a good way. Information and translations of exotic in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Something that sparks sexual feelings or affected by sexual desire. Exotic tropical plants in a greenhouse. Exotic food can be unusual types of meats fruits vegetables or spices or it can be the way that the food is prepared.

EXOTIC adjective The adjective EXOTIC has 2 senses. What does exotic mean. Often refers to erotic dancing but can refer to anything that seems foreign or unusual to the observer.

Strikingly strange or unusual Familiarity information. Back to Confusing words index. See Synonyms at foreign.

Usually directed at something fresh new different and cool. Strikingly excitingly or mysteriously different or unusual exotic flavors Until very recently the alpaca was an exotic sight at county fairs and petting zoos in the metropolitan region. An example of exotic is the kudzu plant from South Asia which grows wild along the roadway in the southeastern United States.

Exotic covers a lot of ground when referring to cars but all are essentially considered to be extraordinarily distinct out of the ordinary or notably different from what most people will ever see on the road. Exotic is a beautiful-looking word That sexy X. Exotic means someone or something that is foreign or unusual.

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A beach house on an exotic shorethe kind you can only reach via a small plane a ferry a secret password and more money than any of us makes in two years. Being or from or characteristic of another place or part of the world or attractive out of the ordinary. Unusual and exciting because of coming or seeming to come from far away especially a tropical.

Exotic food is food that a person finds strange andor unfamiliar. Adjective Something that is exotic is unusual and interesting usually because it comes from or is related to a distant countrybrilliantly coloured exotic flowers. Being or from or characteristic of another place or part of the world 2.

A term usually applied to a woman who is regarded as beautiful despite the fact that her looks are not typical of those considered to be beautiful in the speakers culture. She flits from one exotic location to another. Exotic can also mean – from another.

The word exotic means – strikingly different – strikingly unusual and often very colorful and exciting or suggesting distant countries and unfamiliar cultures. For example a tall blue-eyed blonde woman of mixed JapaneseCaucasian heritage with otherwise Asian features would be an exotic beauty in either culture. From another part of the world.

EXOTIC used as an adjective is rare. The person may think your looks are exotic or they might think that you have an exotic sexy accent.

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