Bowling Ball Cannons

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The base is nautical design with pneumatic wheels on the front. We sell golf ball billiard ball and bowling ball cannons.

Napalm Bowling Ball Cannon Ball Cannon Bowling Ball Bowling

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This is the first part.

Bowling ball cannons. I use six tablespoon of cannon black powder in a ziplock bag with a wick fuse. We are offering this line for those of you that need a little extra bang for your buck. Rednecks thinking and building – danger danger high explosive.

They will fire golf balls soda cans and baseballs. Four men were busted in New Jersey while allegedly planning to shoot bowling balls out of a cannon sending a bomb team rushing to the site according to reports Thursday. Here is a video from a 4th of July celebrations in 2009.

Civil War 62 Signal Salute Black Powder Cannon. Youre going to want to check this one out. In this part I build the cannon and mock it up on the trailer so I build the carriage.

Our cannons are safe to assure your peace of mind when firing them. And with welded breech plugs. We have some scaled reproduction style cannons for re-enactment or your own personal use.

Civil War Signal Cannon. Our prices are very reasonable considering the amount of work and precision that is built into every Bowling Ball Mortar. Coaches Club Cannons bowling ball mortars have been expertly designed and tested in the field.

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Our Billiard ball cannons are larger and heavier versions of similar Golf ball cannons. Old Betsy Black Powder Cannon Salute Cannon. Hern Cannon and mortar barrels except the 8 Siege Mortar and 8-34 Bowling Ball Mortar are made with Steel Liner Tubes with minimum 14 wall thickness.

I do shoot bowling balls in my homemade oxygen tank cannon. Because your Bowling Ball Mortar is loaded with the propellant separate from the projectile uses simple cannon fuse for ignition and is patterned off of a Seacoast Mortar in use in the 1860s it is falls clearly under the federal definition of a replica firearm. The tank is not rifled and has a constriction in the middle.

Let Coaches Club introduce you to the big brother of our Golf ball cannons. Rich and the Gunsmoke guys have a blast firing bowling balls from a cannonWatch AMERICAN GUNS Mondays at 10PM ep. Every Item Every Day.

Thanks to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring. They are black powder cannons and mortars which are fully functioning ie. BigDaddyHoffman1911 and friends shoot the bowling ball mortar from our friends over at Coaches Club Cannons.

A video of the firing of the Bowling Ball Cannon in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada in 2011. For bores larger than 2 14 we use 12 Wall Drawn-over-Mandrel DOM tubing. Making a bowling ball cannon in my shop.

Our skilled machinists hand turn the cannons individually as well as accurately boring both the powder pocket and bore. Coaches Club Cannons is the leading site for black powder cannons.

Fully Funtional Black Powder Mini Cannons Cannon Mini Metal Working

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