How To Make Relaxed Hair Natural Without Cutting

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Protecting the length of the hair to the ends creates a barrier between your. Trimming the ends will not only keep your hair healthy and free of frayed ends but it will also speed up your natural hair journey.

How To Trim Transitioning Hair Transitioning Hairstyles Natural Hair Styles Long Hair Girl

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To help your hair grow you can you use doo gro ors products and take hair vitamins to help aid hair growth or if you feel comfortable with your.

How to make relaxed hair natural without cutting. Gently Detangle The line of demarcation is where your natural hair meets the relaxed hair. Going all in on the big chopor dramatically cutting off relaxed hair into a short styleis one of the fastest ways to start your natural hair journey but its definitely not a requirement. In order to get back to your natural hair you will have no choice but to cut the relaxed ends off.

Trim at least an inch of hair every month. To keep the shampoo from stripping moisture try to wash your hair one to three times a week. I tried to answer the most basic questions and even threw i.

Cleanse your hair at the root while massaging your scalp once or twice a week. You should use a great moisturizer leave-in or rinse-out conditioner a natural oil. After you have washed and conditioned your hair either spray or massage the sealant onto your hair.

Deep condition at least twice a month and apply a hot oil treatment once a month. Transitioning to natural hair simply means that you want to let go of the creamy crack perm and embrace the hair that naturally grows directly out of your head. Blog Transition To Relaxed Hair To Natural Hair WITHOUT CUTTING.

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Pros of the Big Chop. Apply a hair detangler while the hair is still wet. If you are active andor use a good amount of styling product or conditioner then cleanse your hair more often.

Moisturize at every opportunity. Use a moisturizing shampoo designed for damaged or color treated hair. This is pretty much unavoidable but what you can do is keep your hair in tip top shape by deep conditioning with every wash that you do and doing protein treatments every 6 to 8 weeks.

Let it air dry. There are no long waits to go natural. Then condition as per usual.

Relaxing previously relaxed hair can cause the hair to be over-processed eventually leading to thinness and breakage. Use both rinsing and leave-in conditioners designed to restore moisture to the hair. Youre trimming your way closer and closer to that beautiful natural texture of yours.

Jun 09 2015 Breanna Rutter. You have a consistent hair texture as opposed to transitioning where you have to deal with two. Do not use metal or hard plastic barrettes bobby pins or clips.

It is a point of weakness and the source of breakage for many transitioners. When you make up your mind about going from relaxed to natural you take it slowly by allowing your hair to slowly grow out whilst only trimming off the permed ends bit by bit. This is one of my most asked questions so I decided to make a video explaining HOW TO GO NATURAL.

Also it is not a good to have two textures in your hair nor is it healthy because the relaxed ends can cause stress on the newly healthy nonrelaxed hair. It entails cutting off all of the relaxed hair and wearing a TWA teeny weeny afro. Your hair is returned to its natural state as soon as your relaxed hair is chopped off.

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On shampoo days apply to the roots only so that you get the oil and debris at the scalp without stripping your strands. To add texture back to your hair or take the steps to embrace your natural hair texture you can start with double strand twists or a curly rod set if youre not quite ready for the big chop where Branch says the hair is typically cut closely to where natural hair has begun to grow back. Moisturized hair is a must all of the time but especially during a transition from relaxed to natural hair.

For this reason use your. Secure the hair with soft hair bands. You can buy a sealant from the beauty store or you could use something natural like vegetable oil coconut oil shea butter cocoa butter or argan oil.

Consider using a leave-in conditioner for your hair during the day. Well I have relaxed hair and Im going to stop getting it relaxed and let my hair grow out natural while the relaxed hair is attached and when my natural hair gets to a good length im going to cut the relaxed part of my hair but Im worried that my hair will start falling out at the roots because Ive been doing some research and it says. Where your relaxed hair meets your natural roots there is going to be some weakness in this area due to the texture differences.

Use a sealant to trap moisture in your hair if its particularly dry. Comb the hair gently with a wide-tooth comb to avoid breaking it at the point where the relaxed hair meets the naturally textured hair.

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