How To Lock My Natural Hair

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With the applicator bottle apply coconut oil to your scalp and work it down the length of your hair making sure to touch each hair strand. Once you straighten your hair learn how to maintain your style until the next shampoo.

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The coconut oil penetrates the hair cuticles and keeps it from expanding excessively when wet.

How to lock my natural hair. Have patience with this style as dreadlocks take time to form. These 10 tips will help you get and keep your straight do. When it comes to hair most Black women have that nighttime ritual on lock by protecting our hair with the best bonnets we can find.

The best way to stop natural hair from breakage and shedding is to first identify the root cause. This will lock in the moisture and it also works well because coconut oil and water dont mix. Use a satinsilk scarf or bonnet.

Otherwise my hair would lock up on itself. If youre still nervous about getting a protective style this winter discover how to keep your hair hydrated and protected as temperates drop making natural hair more prone to dryness and breakage. Blow dryers especially the wrong ones have the ability to strip your hair of all of its natural moisture.

Part your hair into small sections. You can do this the night before as your hair will absorb the oil. Use a product to twist your hair such as pure aloe vera gel or a lock and twist butter.

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If youve straightened your natural locks in the past you know how much work that entails. To combat frizz due to humidity sleeping on a silk pillowcase or wrapping the hair in a silk scarf as much as possible will smooth your cuticle. It may seem like an inconvenient step to take but.

Just use a thin silk cap in between your hair and hat. Especially if your hair tends to dry out overnight a scarf or bonnet will protect your hair just like a satinsilk pillowcase but it has the added benefit of holding your hair in place throughout the night and trapping moisture. The cause could be chemical mechanical or even heat related.

Grip the hair between your index finger and thumb a couple of inches about 5 cm away from the root. Lack of moisture can cause breakage drybrittle hair and frizz. Push a crochet needle through the hair to loop it further.

Or use a comb to twist into a coil. Accessorize your locks with hair charms to add a touch of glam. Apply an overnight hair mask or oil treatment cover your hair with a scarf or shower cap and wash it out when you wake up.

2016 David Livingston Dont keep protective styles in for too long. Using the LOC after every wash will reduce damage increase elasticity and improve the overall feel and look of your hair. Sleeping on a satinsilk pillowcase will prevent your hair drying out overnight.

Apply a heat protectant. Dreads can be also started with braids as opposed to twists. All-natural paraben-free and containing zero mineral oils the Nourishing Hair Mist will hydrate and add a sheen while youre wearing your hair in a protective style.

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When that happens your locks become dry and brittle and pretty susceptible to breakage. You dont want all your time and efforts wasted with a straight look that doesnt last into the afternoon. Therefore setting my hair in medium sized two strand twists for a week or 2 at the most allows me to go about my business without manipulating my hair.

The formation of the locs can vary from eight months to a year or more. Ive been loving on my hair during this lockdown one friend Nike Lawrence an executive at a tech company told me. The tighter your hair texture the more required it is to prep your hair before you braid up or add in any weave Dickey says.

Dont worry you dont have to let your ears freeze. After washing and towel drying apply product down the length of your hair and use your finger to twisttwirl your hair into a coil. The LOC method also known as the liquid oil cream method is the best way to keep natural or relaxed hair moisturized.

She is also taking this time to try new techniques on her hair like. Having fine natural hair I dont leave my protective styles in for very long.

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