How To Wear Natural Hair To Bed

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Flip your dry hair all the way over and secure into a very high and loose ponytail. Depending on your hair length and the style youre wearing put your hair in a low-manipulation style overnight.

Ways To Wear Your Hair To Bed No Braids Bed Hair Sleep Hairstyles Overnight Hairstyles

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Theyre all easy and quick to do comfortable and will leave your hair beautiful the nex.

How to wear natural hair to bed. Moisturize protectively style your hair and wear a silk bonnet or sleep on silk pillow cases. Consider a heat-free styling option such as braiding your hair before bed for a beautiful texture. Many curly girls like to pineapple their dry hair as they sleep.

Applying oil to your ends will enhance your hairs natural protection and prevent split ends from worsening while you sleep. Good products to use contain Argan oil or coconut oil. How To Get Great Hair In Your Sleep.

Click through for 12 ways to give your do what it needs to night to keep it moisturized and protected. Apply oil to the ends of long hair. Alternately you can place a large roller in a crown section of hair.

Caring for Natural Hair at Bedtime When you go to bed you want to do three things. Best way to wear hair to bed to prevent breakage The first thing you should know is that wet hair is more vulnerable and prone to breakage even with the natural hair let alone your hair extension. Weave your locks into a braidone or twoand secure it with a hair elastic.

Once your hair is wrapped tie a scarf around the hairline. Simply swirl sections of your hair around your finger securing your handmade curls to. Utilizing one of these fibers will keep hair from becoming frizzy eliminate unnecessary breakage.

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Many like to use both a scarf and bonnet when pineappling wrapping the scarf around the sides while protecting the exposed hair at the top with a bonnet. The longer your hair is the less of this oil will reach the ends of your hair. After towel-drying it I comb my hair and part it the way I plan to wear it the following day.

Using satin and silk wraps reduce the friction between your hair and those otherwise comfy sheets. Its also one of the most popular protective hairstyles to wear to sleepjust dont pull it tight. Brush your hair from root to tip for.

You should not go to sleep with a wet hair or else you will get up leaving a part of your hair on your pillow. Squeeze a dime-sized amount of product on your fingers and rub it through your hair from the roots to the tips. Use a brush with natural bristles or a wide tooth comb.

Seal in the moisture with an oil such as our all-natural Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serum. Use a scrunchie or fabric covered hair tie in order to avoid breaking or denting the hair. To get these loose beautiful curls collect five claw clips and pin your hair into a twisted bun.

After setting your hair for the night with one of the above methods use a silk or satin bonnet or scarf to prevent the hair from losing moisture or snagging on traditional cotton pillowcases. One of the best things you can do for your hair is to brush or comb it before turning in for the night. Covering your hair in this way can also help you avoid breakage and prevent split ends.

The way you take care of your hair before bedtime will be the determining factor between being a head turner or having a head full of dry dull and frizzy hair. Use long pins to hold hair in place if it has trouble staying on its own. Release in the morning for perfect waves that look like they came from an iron.

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Kinky ladies avoid these steps and not only will you suffer from a matted look but you will end up with hair breakage. Every night I take a shower and shampoo and condition my hair. Hairs can easily tangle when you toss and turn at night.

Prevent this by moisturizing your hair before bed either with a spritz of water or a leave-in conditioner. In this video Im sharing my favourite ways to wear my hair to bed. Your hair relies on oil from your scalp for natural lubrication.

Stand back up and separate the ponytail so that half is on each side of your head. Use a vent brush or boar bristle brush along with your hands to smooth your hair and mold it to your scalp as you work your way around. For recently flat ironed or blown out hair pin curls can be a go-to method for keeping your tresses in tact.

Brush your hair before bed to remove knots and gently twist your hair up on top of your head and wrap it with a silk scarf to prevent new tangles from forming. Not only will the silk scrunchie prevent friction and subsequent breakage from affecting your strands but it also wont create ridges in your hair after its removed. Wearing your hair up to bed can create unnecessary breakage especially around the hairline If you have unruly hair style in a loose braid tied with a silk scrunchie before bed.

If your hair is naturally coarse or frizzy use a smoothing oil serum or cream before you go to bed.

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