What Is A Good Temperature To Flat Iron Natural Hair

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The best flat iron will require high temperatures to straighten the hair. This will create a layer between your hair and the flat irons absorbing a good deal if the heat and saving it from further damage.

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Below is a basic chart to go by when opting for straighter tresses.

What is a good temperature to flat iron natural hair. Buttons on the side adjust the temperature from 170F to 450F. You require a product devoid of chemicals to make your natural hair. L iving Proof Restore Instant Protection 27.

You can choose any temperature between 170 to 450F so youre in control of how hot you want it. Although many flat irons reach a max of 450 degrees you dont have to crank yours up this high if you can straighten your hair at 340. The optimal temperature for flat ironing your natural hair is the range up to 150C 302F.

After drying-up your hair get your flat-iron and set it to a low-temperature setting in-order to decrease on hair-damage during the straightening-process. According to researchers 365F is what you want your flat iron to be. The plus side to using our product is that the argan oil will feed your hair at the same time helping repair the already existing damage.

This could lead to significant heat damage. But what is the correct temperature for using these different styling tools on relaxed or natural hair while avoiding heat damage. For people who feel that they do not have enough time to get ready in the morning flat iron with instant heat is perfect for them.

Ghds predictive technology makes for. Safe temperatures to flat iron medium to coarse hair can be between 360 410 degrees F. For example if your hair is naturally curly the best flat iron is one with in-built comb teeth.

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With thick hair its important to find a flat iron that can straighten each strand without having to go over it too many times essentially frying your hair. Green will give you 370 F which is best for fine hair blue heats up the flat iron up to 395 F while red can be used to get the maximum temperature of 425 F which suits thick coarse hair like natural hair. To straighten natural hair locks hair experts suggest a temperature range of 390 F to 450 F that would turn your stubborn natural hair into straight flowy tresses with minimum to zero heat damage or burns.

That means its safest to start with a lower temperature and increase if necessary. It should be noted that flat iron hair straighteners with ionic-technology are often less damaging to hair and allows your flat iron to heat up more quickly evenly and to reach temperatures of over 400F although temperature needs for straightening vary by hair-type. Choosing the best steam flat iron for natural hair is not easy.

Stick to the absolute minimum temperature on your flat iron to avoid heat damage and to get the best results. That temperature allows the most styling benefits in the fewest strokes helping hair retain. Because it is not that easy to find that perfect steam flat iron.

It deserves its spot on NHPs best flat iron for natural hair silk press list because the HSI Professional Glider flat iron heats up faster than expected and the straightening irons temperature can be adjusted between a wide range of 140-450F which gives you a lot of control in manually matching the heat level to whatever is needed for your natural hair type regardless of porosity or texture. Get KIPOZI Flat Iron at Amazon. Try using hair care products that help straighten hair to get things going in the right direction.

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And because youre straightening with titanium the heat is stronger and more penetrating than ceramic plates. This cult-favorite ghd flat iron is ideal for protecting damaged strands since it holds a steady temperature of 365oF to protect hair from excessive heat. Flat irons blow dryers curling irons and numerous other heated styling tools can be a great addition to a regimen if used sparingly and correctly.

Therefore when you buy a flat iron to straighten your Afro-American hair look for a tool with multiple temperature settings. Fine-tuning the temperature for your 4C hair is very easy with this hair tool. Let me start by saying that there is no hard and fast rule in regards to temperature it completely depends on the.

If your hair doesnt go straight after a while please dont continue to turn up the heat. You may also go for one with steam functions so that it can tame and set your disorderly curls. This iron promises to do just that.

Also one important fact to know before pressing your hair with a flat iron or any heat styling tool is that healthy hair begins to melt and burn at 451 degrees F. Some recommended heat protectants are. So whats ideal temperature.

Its also important to stay in range of the temperature listed on your heat protectant ie if your protectant says it protects against temperatures up to 350 degrees dont make your flat iron hotter than that. Set your flat-iron to low-temperature. He says the cuticle or outer layer of a hair strand can very easily become damaged by heat over 356 degrees.

The fact is that youll need to sacrifice your hairs moisture to make it straight.

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