My Natural Hair Is Frizzy When Wet

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Porous hair is when the cuticles of your hair strand do not lay flat. Frizziness is caused by dry hair that lacks moisture.

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Frizzy hair tends to be drier so you need to put moisture into it.

My natural hair is frizzy when wet. The quicker it goes from wet to dry the easier. Do not wrap your hair in a towel turban-style. After youre done with your shower and your hair is still wet smooth on a Leave-In-Conditioner the same way you did the conditioner.

There are many layers of cuticles but when most of them are raised your hair is considered to be very porous. Use a conditioner a natural oil or a frizz cream Baker says. Another solution that many frizzy haired girls embrace is adding a cleansing conditioner to their regimeneither as a permanent or sometimes shampoo alternative.

If you untwist your hair while it is still wet you could cause frizz and lack definition in your hairstyle Once your twists are fully dry you will have the most definition and your style. Everyone has some level of porosity otherwise there wouldnt be frizz and hair couldnt absorb products. It also helps to seal your twists or braids with a natural oil such as coconut oil or olive oil.

My hair is wavy coarse long thick and super frizzy. To get volume you can try using a diffuser attachment on your hair drier when your hair is still pretty damp. I have 3a-3b hair I think and Ive tried several different products.

Thats because dry hair tries to absorb moisture out of the air causing each. The next day I got more frizz than defined curls. So frizzy that even after styling it with loads of gel to tame the frizz the very next day it is frizzy all over again as if I never used all that gel the day before and on top of all the gel I put on the previous.

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Use products with honey marshmallow root. When your hair is wet it is at its most fragile state Gurgov added. However another thing to consider is that frizz can also be the result of broken and uneven hair so that the shorter strands are poking through the longer strands causing the frizz that is hard for you to slick down or clump into uniform coils or curls.

And unless your hair is extremely oily skip a day or two between shampoos to allow your hairs natural moisture to protect strands from the dryness that can lead to frizz. Theres almost always a large frizz halo no matter what I do. When your hair gets wet anything you can do to speed up the drying time will minimising frizzing.

Humidity is another cause of frizzing and is the result of water vapor in the air. HiI have 3c 4a hair an I have been CG for almost a year. I co-wash deep condition with heat and style my hair once a week faithfully.

If your hair is prone to frizz invest in a microfiber towel to gently absorb excess moisture while keeping frizz at bay. Curls are naturally drier and in turn naturally more prone to frizz. As a consequence the water in the air is captured within the hair strand.

If you have curly hair or plan on wearing your hair in a curly style twist out braid out bantu knot out etc try to avoid touching it while its wet to prevent frizz. Remember curl definers can only capture a curl not create one. This will keep your curls hydrated until next time you wash it and keep it free from tangles and frizz.

My hair is always I mean always frizzy. Simply use the towel to blot the hair then do not touch and let it air dry. There is nothing wrong with your hair.

Dont use your fingers or anything to comb or rake through your curls or all the nice curl clumping will get broken up and become frizz. I hate blow drying my hair because it takes an our and a half so I usually just let it air dry overnight and straighten it in the morning. Just like with fine naturally straight hair flyaways.

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To keep your hair defined rake and squeeze a dollop of curl cream through your sopping-wet curls after shampooing and. After washing your hair towel dry with a microfiber towel instead of terry cloth and use cool air on your blow dryer instead of hot. Blow-dry hair as soon as possible.

Lots of natural textures are frizzy whether wet dry or weighed down with product. Frizzing occurs in humid conditions when hair is dry and lacks moisture. If your hair does have definition while wet then you do have a curl pattern but your unique texture is just more prone to frizz without the proper moisturizing products styling products and techniques and that is fine.

The abrasive loops cause our curl clumps to deform and cause frizz. When I let my hair air dry it turns into this awkward frizzy straight hair with wavy pieces but when its wet its so wavy its almost curly. The water attaches to keratin and begins to bend this in turn raises the cuticle layer and causes frizzing.

Put moisture back in your mane. While some people can use a regular terry cloth towel and experience no issues for those of us with naturally wavy and curly hair terry cloth is known to draw too much moisture out of our hair too quickly. Ironically humid wet weather tends to make frizzy hair worse.

Flip your head over and use the diffuser or shake your head to toss your curls while drying. That way your hair cuticles will lay flat reducing the amount of frizz. My current routine is co-wash with a Shea Moisture cowash put in Not Your Mothers Naturals Curl Defining conditioner and comb my hair out.

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